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Pellet Inserts

Heating a home with a pellet fireplace insert can provide effective and affordable heating to ward off the winter chill. The pellets that fuel a pellet stove are largely responsible for the efficiency of these stoves. As you consider purchasing a pellet stove, explore the benefits to learn why people use pellet stoves to heat their homes.

Enviro’s freestanding pellet inserts are an excellent choice for upgrading your existing fireplace with efficient and eco-friendly heating technology. These inserts are designed to burn wood pellets cleanly and efficiently, providing consistent warmth and comfort in your home. Enviro’s freestanding pellet inserts come in a range of stylish designs to complement any decor, from traditional to contemporary. With features like automatic ignition, programmable thermostats, and easy-to-use controls, Enviro’s pellet inserts offer convenience and energy savings. Transform your fireplace into a more efficient and environmentally conscious heating solution with Enviro’s innovative freestanding pellet inserts.

Meridian Enviro Pellet Fireplace Insert



  • Large arched bay door.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Remote thermostat compatible.
  • Large heat exchanger.
  • Zero-clearance compatible.
M55 Enviro Pellet Fireplace Insert

M55 Cast Iron


  • Cast iron construction.
  • Adjustable hopper height.
  • Shallow front extension.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Operates with cast doors open or closed.
  • Available in multiple finishes.
By adding a pellet fireplace insert to your current masonry fireplace, you are able to enhance your fireplace look and functionality. Pellet fireplace inserts are not only eco-friendly but they also provides an alluring, simplistic charm to any home.
Accentra 52i Harmen Fireplace Insert

Accentra 52i

The Accentra 52i is the latest, upgraded edition of the best-selling Accentra Insert. Now, Harman® PelletPro™ and ESP Technology deliver 85% efficiency and a 10,000 increase in BTU output, while still providing powerful, even heat within 1 degree. And a reengineered design provides even easier maintenance—for up to 50% less cleaning time than any other pellet appliance available.