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Propane Fireplaces

Looking for an alternative to traditional electric heat?  Why not try a Gas Fireplaces?  Just click onto suppliers logos below and visit their product links.  Better yet, just contact us and let us help you!
Napoleon Propane Fireplaces
Napoleon® fireplaces are designed to provide you absolute comfort and control at the touch of your fingertips. When you install a Napoleon® gas fireplace you can rest assured that you will enjoy a lifetime of instant comfort with reliable performance year after year. Choose a fireplace with the knowledge that Napoleon® gas fireplaces achieve some of the highest heater rating efficiencies on the market.
pacific energy wood stoves
Enviro’s propane fireplaces combine elegance and efficiency, offering a stylish and convenient heating solution for your home. With advanced technology and eco-friendly design, Enviro’s propane fireplaces provide reliable heat with minimal environmental impact. These fireplaces come in a variety of designs, from traditional to modern, to complement any decor style. With features like remote control operation, customizable flame settings, and optional heat distribution systems, Enviro’s propane fireplaces offer comfort and convenience at your fingertips. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a beautiful fire without the hassle of wood with Enviro’s innovative propane fireplace designs.