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Pellet Inserts

Heating a home with a pellet fireplace insert can provide effective and affordable heating to ward off the winter chill. The pellets that fuel a pellet stove are largely responsible for the efficiency of these stoves. As you consider purchasing a pellet stove, explore the benefits to learn why people use pellet stoves to heat their homes.

Meridian Enviro Pellet Fireplace Insert



  • Large arched bay door.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Remote thermostat compatible.
  • Large heat exchanger.
  • Zero-clearance compatible.
Milan Enviro Pellet Fireplace Insert



  • Cast iron heat exchanger.
  • Cast iron firebox liner.
  • Modern design.
  • Quiet convection system.
  • Formed steel surround panel.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
M55 Enviro Pellet Fireplace Insert

M55 Cast Iron


  • Cast iron construction.
  • Adjustable hopper height.
  • Shallow front extension.
  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Operates with cast doors open or closed.
  • Available in multiple finishes.

By adding a pellet fireplace insert to your current masonry fireplace, you are able to enhance your fireplace look and functionality. Pellet fireplace inserts are not only eco-friendly but they also provides an alluring, simplistic charm to any home.

Accentra 52i Harmen Fireplace Insert

Accentra 52i

The Accentra 52i is the latest, upgraded edition of the best-selling Accentra Insert. Now, Harman® PelletPro™ and ESP Technology deliver 85% efficiency and a 10,000 increase in BTU output, while still providing powerful, even heat within 1 degree. And a reengineered design provides even easier maintenance—for up to 50% less cleaning time than any other pellet appliance available.

P35I Harmen Fireplace Insert


The P35i pellet insert delivers amazing efficiency in a compact design. Unique engineering, paired with world-class technology takes this eco-friendly heating option to the next level. Low emissions saves you money and helps the environment.